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Customer Testimonials

John Stubbe

I am a repeater of this service to post videos to my YouTube channel. Fast and quality service.

Laydon Tony

Very fast service. High contents. Good job !

Fabien Newson

This is the most effective social media campaign I tried ever. I am astonished by the result!

Liam Swerdlow

My website looks great with the mock up they created. I highly recommend their service.

Alissa S.

The animated logo they created for my YouTube channel is so stylish and eye-catching. Good job!

Willy Archer

SekAi's service is fast, high contents and very low price. Thank you for creating beautiful posts ! I highly recommend their services.

Sandra Fidry

First I was not sure what the actual results from mass-publishing. After my article was published on 400+ news websites, Google ranking of my website keeps on going up. I will use this service again.

Calista Happy

Amazing design. Fast delivery.

Michael Abrahamson

Good job guys. Will be back for more.

Milla Jensen

Thank you. Good job.

Valentina Miocic

Our restaurant here in Croatia got a lot of nice social media design which we can use in our promotion. Thank you SekAi.

Abeo O

We are happy to use this service for our company in Nigeria. Thank you

Nina Backlund

Finally a company that can deliver what they promise. I will come back with more work. Thank you

Emily Watz

Very nice design. Thank you

Rebecca Proud

Fast delivery, good service, average result for my GMB optimization. But still i am ok with it

Diana F.

3 stars. I still don't get why i ordered this service. Not sure how it will help my rankings on google. GMB optimization is not my thing.

Luis Dubra

I ordered 7 logo animatons for my company. Now i will use one different everyday.

Ann Sundström

Really cool Animations of my company logo. Thank you.

Andrew Ji-woo

Very cool animations and the quality is good as well.

Sylvia K.

Very happy with the delivery. I will order again. Thanks

Christos Jameson

Cool animated logos.

Anita Svensson

Even though i feel that i could get things done here in Sweden i felt that i wanted to try SekAi. No regrets. Very satisfied

Eduardo Rojas

Estoy impresionado con esta producción de video. Se hizo muy rápido y la calidad fue increíble.

Apollonia Contaris

Very happy with the result and i will definitely order again, but please try to use less sophisticated English in the future. I am not native English speaking.

Ludwig Von Zeipel

Very thankful that i could get help to produce a video.


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